Morning Moonlight

Two Worlds Arlow Xan

The opening song to our latest album, Futuristically Botanical, was vital in setting that “Arlow Xan” tone: a gently invading synth pad cues poly-rhythmic drums as delicate banjo picking and concise piano pulses. Our lyrics explored imagery and moods that conjured reflection and possibilities, culminating with the line “I know there’s a hopeful spark that comes from a humbled flint.” The beats come in to unify the second chorus with both singers in sync. The metronome guides us as it clicks through the waves of music and voices.  

We framed the song with additional audio from our friends and family who offered some insightful spoken words and/or musical contributions. Five individual answers to questions starts around :22, and what came from it is surprisingly simple & profound. To end the track, Alex Markoff, a fantastic poet and spoken word artist, created an original piece for the song. Teamed with the erie slide guitar workings from Troy Morris, Morning Moonlight ends like it started: standing on the shores of an ocean of possibilities. Not knowing what’s next, but eagerly awaiting what is to come.

Please Enjoy the first installment of a 13-part series.

Morning Moonlight:

One thought

  1. I absolutely adore the hope and promise laced throughout this beautiful song. That line is my favorite in the song. It reminds me of this quote by Christopher Fry, “The dark is light enough.” I think it really resonates with people in a difficult place (physically, spiritually, emotionally, etc).

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