“Mannequins” is another track that rose out of the chaos of fire like a Phoenix. The concept of the song came to us while we were immersed in an incessant jam session complete with drum machine clips, synth swells, and dulcimer melodies, rotating through instrument after instrument. Everything was springing up then quickly vanishing from our musical consciousness. We had no goal in mind other than to get what was inside of us out. This lasted an entire afternoon. About half way through the session, we let the beats play and started on a keyboard riff reminiscent of an accordion waltz. Ali brought out some lyrics from the nostalgic storage of her mind, and the original glimpses of the song started to appear.

We sat on the song for about a year before creating a structured live version. Once we had the framework built, we limited the instruments and drum voice availability. Working within this limitation helps to create the vision for the song within an obtainable context. The song debuted on Halloween night of 2010. Just minutes before heading to the gig, we finished the song structure on our DR-660 drum machine, and worked out when in the song to come in with lyrics. Since debuting it live, we added the beginning waltz as a way to stay grounded in regards to the roots of the song. We are in an ever-changing practice to balance our modern, electronic world with our deep-rooted, organic world on the musical stage. Mannequins is another example of that critical practice.


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