I Want…

A shining example of how nature and the environment intertwine with the music of Arlow Xan comes by way the track “I Want…” the 4th song of the newly released album, “Futuristically Botanical.”

I want I want I want
I want I want I want

Come my brother, rise sisters, bring your fighters
Or they will treat you like you’re dead
Come my brothers, rise my sisters, bring your fighters
And we will fight them till the end

What place does music have on the planet? Music is everywhere. Our heart beats were the first percussion instruments. A pulsating kick drum. Our voices; the first synthesizers modulating and varying in pitch. Music is constant in nature. The wind, the trees, the water all in a perpetual symphony. The animals as members of the choir of life. Nature is the root of music. Without roots what will grow? So how important is nature for the survival of music?


Arlow Xan Infographic

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