My Aurora

We like to throw around a saying in the Arlow Xan practice space:

“The songs you will hear on an Arlow Xan album vs. what you will hear at a live performance occupy separate pockets of the same pair of pants.”

Meaning we are Arlow Xan the band no matter which format or medium our music is heard. But each format has its place and purpose in our world.

Our albums are the cumulative efforts of writing many songs spanning across a handful of months, sometimes years. While being sure to give each song its deserving attention, and to highlight the unique style of each, we maintain a common thread amongst the entire album to flow into our vision and theme of our stories and feelings. We want listeners to become transported to this world we are creating, and we want them to be able to do it anywhere and anytime. You should be able to cook, drive, love, sleep, and chill to our albums, at least that is our intention. The time and dedication we put into each album is on purpose, pre conceived, rehearsed, and recorded over many takes. What is our “final product” is our very best on a musical level, a song writing level, and a technical level.

Now if we were to take this album and simply regurgitate it on stage measure for measure, note for note, would this transportation to our world take place? Would our desired affect be achieved? Our on-stage performance is a fleeting one. We usually have 45 minutes to an hour to play, sometimes less. Technical difficulties and sound adjustments can cut into this time giving us even less to make an impression. If we simply played the album here on stage, why did we drag you out into the crowds with the loud music, loud people, and chaos that come with each adventurous night? You could have bought the album, sat down on the couch with a drink, and had 55 minutes of uninterrupted music. But you want to go out. You want to get loud. You want to bump around in a crowd. And our way of thanking you for coming out is to play for that purpose. Loud, rowdy, fun, dancing, screaming, howling, hands-up, hips swaying, speakers ablaze. Because when we play our final song of the night, you can’t take us with you, and we can’t carry our gear with us inside your car, back to your house to repeat what we just did. You buy the album, and take that home, and that will transport you to our world in detail and delight. Anytime. Anywhere. It is simply a separate pocket of the same pair of pants. So buy the pants, and enjoy both pockets.

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