The darker side of life can be a potent source of inspiration. We often visit the gothic, primal, eerie well of darkness for song ideas and imagination. It is a dedication to our younger selves, because we come by it honestly and with no apologies or reluctance. It is a part of us. No matter how far in the song-writing process we are there always lurks the haunting, spooky qualities of our vocals or the evocative minor keys of our music. And with this natural, inborn, darker outlook of our music, comes the inherent transition to what can visually accompany it.

We are in a constant illustrative or cinematic state of mind, always attaching a visual to our music. And it is vast and ever-changing. “Animals,” the song, brings about a few illustrative pieces that become more vivid with every turn of the page.

Beasts on the prowl hunch lower into the thick mangled brush.
A Long, flowing, black dress adorning pale beauty sways in the crisp wind.
The clouds liquefy with grey transitioning tones and diffuse light throughout the evening, just as the moon disappears for the night.

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