Black Magnus

Many unique and original instruments were made for the making of this track, as well as some conventional instruments used in unique and original ways.

The Singing Bowl – A traditional eastern instrument, classified as a bell, that is played by moving a stick along the brim of the bowl. The vibration caused when doing this creates a sustained frequency that fills every square inch of the room with beauty and relaxation. You can even hear the microphones peaking from the sound in the beginning of the track.

The Slap-Stick – A homemade instrument comprised of a tambourine attached to a walking stick with repurposed, used guitar strings strung across the skin of the tambourine to create a sharp percussive sound with the jangling of the tambourine.

The Guitar – Loosely strung to create a percussive busy sound that could be bent to give tension to the tone.

The Udu Drum – A handmade piece of pottery not unlike a vase with a hole carved out of the middle. Covering the hole on the side while hitting the top opening creates a variety of tones, as well as slapping the side of the instrument to get a sharper high pitched sound. This was made by my mother, Carla Gibson, in her pottery studio, and I made a video of me playing to the Black Magnus track, while splicing in her process for making said instrument. Very little can warm my heart more than being able to make music with something so unique and so meaningful as pottery from my mother. This was no easy feat either. From the video you will be able to see and appreciate the time, talent, and patience it requires to make such a piece.

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