Nesting is a song that has a history with us. It’s been here since the beginning. Since the Arlow Xan GENESIS. (That means the beginning of Arlow Xan. Not Arlow Xan & the band “Genesis” are going to collaborate on a song together. Which would be awesome. I imagine a strong, driving drum beat courtesy of “The Collins” starts things out. Then Tony Banks comes in with a smooth organ chord progression. Mike Rutherford on bass this time, kicking it old-school, joins the party. Ali and I doing our thing. Banjo flailing, and vocal exploding. Phil Collins is getting into it. He likes it. Then Peter Gabriel shows up and he’s like “I want in on this.” Ali on lead vocals, backed by Phil Collins & Peter Gabriel? Are you kidding me? Awesome Begas! Then the whole thing crescendos into this epic world- transforming experience, and we all have special powers. I can hear animals talk. Ali and can speak every language fluently. Phil Collins can see in the night. Peter Gabrial has sledge hammer hands, Mike Rutherford can see eye to eye with everyone. And Tony Banks plays the keyboards. We’re touring the world, fighting evil, playing sold-out stadium shows, and loving every minute of it. Then I wake up, covered in sweat, and confused. Oh. It was just a dream. Then I see it. Right next to the night stand…….a sledge hammer)

But I digress. Nesting is a great song. Here is the original version as the opening track from our first album, Chemical Exchange, back in 2010.

For the latest version, we added a couple of awesome ladies to join us on violin & didgeridoo. This version is much more stripped down and instrumental, but it still holds that fundamental roots rock vibe. Listen to it here while you imagine a dusty railroad town in the Old West.


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