Whiskey is a track inspired by a our love for Spirits and the autoharp. What could be better? We toured a distillery in Northern Michigan, and we were able to take a small, 5-liter, white oak barrel of whiskey home with us and age the spirits. As we sat around with the newly acquire knowledge of whiskey distilling we played some chords on our newly acquired autoharp. Those chords were (Gm, Fmaj7, Ebmaj, Dmaj). A great descending chord progression on which to build the rest of the track. The lyrics are meant to transport you to a land of green hills, and cold nights, where the wind whistles through the tavern walls, and hearth and  fire are not the only things that keep us warm. We wanted to, like most of our songs, take an organic, human idea, and lay it across electronic, computerized layers without taking away from the concept. The result is another Arlow Xan treat. So please enjoy our Whiskey with us.


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