Photoshoot (Foraging)

These stills are from a photoshoot we did for the release of our album, Foraging for Life. It was an all-folk, unplugged, 8-song album. We released it in October of 2010, and took the photos in July earlier that year. We wanted the shoot to reflect the sound we were going for in the album: old-fashioned, simple, organic, full. Barefoot, surrounded by trees or grass, sitting in the river, banjo and mountain dulcimer in hand, and with slight sexual tension between us. This is a very honest  portraiture of us, and it represents a passionate thyme of when we explored the deep roots and country music of the early 20th century. In particular, we studied The Carter Family, and we traveled to southwest Virginia and experienced some of the music of that time and region. We returned from the trip very inspired and full of ideas that, to this day, still resonate within in the music we make now. The album itself is currently not available as we are getting ready to re-imagine and re-release it with our other album, Chemical Exchange. Look for more news on that in 2016. In the meantime, enjoy the shots.

All photo credits go to Tim Jagielo. He is a superb photographer/video-artist/musician with an accomplished portfolio. Check him out here.

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