Down the Rabbit Hole (#5)

Down the Rabbit Hole: A collection of sites from the internet that inspire or intrigue us. Each site leads to another, creating an endless journey that takes us down into the beautiful depths of the internet. Click on the photo links and escape into our world as we venture: Down the Rabbit Hole.

This installment has to do with all things androgynous. The art of blurring the gender lines can be a liberating endeavor which ultimately leads to a better appreciation for self expressions and perspectives. Practicing androgyny can be a great way to remove typical gender norms that may be hampering creativity, or to spark a thought or feeling without pigeon-holing it into a specific category.

Let us begin with a movie from 2007 called, “I’m Not There”. It chronicles the many personae of Bob Dylan, one of which is played by Cate Blanchett. Played beautifully, depicting the Dylan-goes-electric era, she runs away with the show.


 In the mid 1960’s Dylan was erupting, and so was an underground counter culture developed by pop art legend,  Andy Warhol. Warhol actually features Dylan in one of his film’s screen tests. Check it out.


Andy Warhol himself would play with cross dressing and drag on an occasion. Here’s him in a series of photos dressing as such. Pretty good.


Portraying Andy Warhol in the movie, “Basquiat”, was David Bowie. He does a phenomenal job. “Basquiat” was a very inspirational movie growing up. With its rolling cast of artists in 1980’s New York, it reminds you that being eclectic, creative, and weird are all character traits to celebrate.


Bowie himself played with androgyny on stage with such alter ego characters as, Ziggy Stardust.


A frequent collaborator of Bowie’s, was Scottish actress, Tilda Swinton. With her physical appearance lending itself toward androgyny, she could quite easily transform into David Bowie. She also starred in a music video of his, and they dressed themselves as one another once. Fuck Yeah!


Which brings us to our final stop “Orlando”. Starring Tilda Swinton, and based off the book by Virginia Wolfe, “Orlando” is the epitome of androgynous cinema. It’s beautifully shot, and moves through 400 years of history, all the while Swinton’s character transforms from man to women. Here’s a taste.


And that does it for our fifth installment of Down the Rabbit Hole. We hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to explore more of what has to offer with music, videos, and photos. And stay up to date on shows. Like and Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We dedicate this post to the now late & great, but ne’er forgotten, David Bowie. We can’t thank you enough for showing us what real, unapologetic, meaningful art looks, sounds, and feels like. You made “doing you” cool. Rest EZ.


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