Down the Rabbit Hole (#6)

Down the Rabbit Hole: A collection of sites from the internet that inspire or intrigue us. Each site leads to another, creating an endless journey that takes us down into the beautiful depths of the internet. Click on the photo links and escape into our world as we venture: Down the Rabbit Hole.

For this installment we turned to local Flint poet, writer, and creative guru, Glen Birdsall to write it. Glen is a dear friend of ours, and we asked if he would do us the honor of creating his own version of DTRH. He obliged, and of course we did not regret it. This “Trip Down The Rabbit Hole” is literally a trip down a rabbit hole…

So let’s start our journey with Richard Adam’s brilliant book Watership Down. A classic adventure story surrounded in a desperate struggle for survival by a band of rabbits. The book was made into an animated film in 1978.


In the movie version of Watership Down is the song “Bright Eyes” sung by the great Art Gunfunkel one half of Simon & Garfunkel.


Simon & Garfunkel were one of the great bands of the 1960’s and played many festivals. Jefferson Airplane were also playing festivals and doing incredible shows in that same decade. One show that Jefferson Airplane and Simon & Garfunkel played together at was the Monterey Pop Festival.



Jefferson Airplane wrote and performed many great songs; one of which was “White Rabbit.”

The Jefferson Airplane at the Family Dog June 1969 sheet 326 frame 16-16a

In the story of Alice in Wonderland, Alice chases a rabbit down the hole and into a “whole” new world. Masters of Reality have a song on their second album called “Rabbit One” with the lyric: I Wish I Was A Rabbit…Rabbits Can Run. The cover has a nice pictograph of a rabbit riding a bicycle.


The drummer on the Masters of Reality’s second album was Ginger Baker. Ginger Baker is one of rock and roll’s memorable drummers. Ginger formed the band, Cream, one of rock’s first Supergroups. Here’s a look into the process of Ginger Baker’s drumming.

Ginger Baker

So that is the trip “Down the Rabbit Hole” for now. We saw rabbits, rabbit holes, white rabbits, and ended in a white room. Let’s keep it up. Feel free to comment with any starting ideas you may have yourself, and we’ll credit you with the idea. Be sure to follow our adventures on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Much love…

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