Sweetest Child


As spring brings new life, with her she brings a child in April.

Dear Friends, Family Members, and Fans,

This past year has been an unexpected journey through every end of the emotional spectrum imaginable in a relatively short amount of time. As a result of this roller coaster experience, we immediately turned inward, steadied ourselves quiet and patient, and waited for the next wave of change to come. Now breaking our silence with humble optimism we are happy to share our story.

In March of 2016, Ali went to the emergency room to get treated for a suspected kidney infection. Doctors ruled out an infection, but instead found a mass on her left ovary. Deemed common, they advised her to see doctor in six weeks.

Unfortunately after six weeks, the mass was still there and after further analysis doctors reported the mass to be 6cm (about the size of a baseball). The ovary was no longer functioning properly and would need to be removed after additional testing.

In early July, blood test results showed elevated levels indicating possible cancer. They immediately ordered more tests, referred us to an oncologist, and told us to prepare ourselves by coming up with a list of questions.

The following three days leading up to the appointment with the oncologist were agonizing. Although we were told we “caught it early,” and “are lucky to be seen in just three days,” it felt more like three months. We had to seriously consider the possibility of cancer, and the impact it could have on the rest of our lives. We began to do a lot of research on each type of scenario, and how we might cope, so as to prepare ourselves as best as possible. It helped immensely that we could look to one another and our amazing family and friends for comfort and support.

The appointment finally came and after the oncologist studied the test results, he concluded that cancer was very unlikely. Great news! However, no one seemed to be able to figure out what the mass was, therefore they scheduled Ali for surgery as soon as possible.

Surgery was scheduled for early August, and we prepared the house and our schedules to make time for Ali’s recovery. We were in pre-op when the news came that the doctor was ahead of schedule, and that Ali would be going in earlier than expected. We were feeling good, excited, in fact! In a short while Ali would go into surgery, wake up in an hour, go home, recover, and all would be well again. Or so we thought…

About 20 minutes before surgery, the nurse came in, and rather than continue to prepare Ali, she pulled up a chair and sat down next to Ali’s bed. She folded her hands on her lap and said “I have some news.” “Alright,” we said, assuming she was informing us surgery was going to be delayed or something along those lines. Instead, she very gently said, “You’re pregnant.”

We were in shock. After having experienced such an intense journey leading up to the surgery, we were looking forward to the calmness of what had been our daily lives six months ago. Instead, we were presented with a whole new set of challenges for not only us, but now our baby.

Surgery was immediately cancelled and we were sent home. The doctor wanted to see us back in a week. During this time we discussed a lot. We knew we wanted to be parents, but we needed to be absolutely sure that Ali’s well-being and quality of life during the pregnancy would be of the utmost importance to the doctors. We sought a 2nd opinion, and after in-depth analysis of Ali, the mass, and the baby, doctors classified our pregnancy as high-risk, but were confident that with proper rest and a low-stress environment, Ali and the baby would remain healthy during pregnancy and labor. Doctors also informed us the mass (which they, too, believe to be benign) would be removed after the baby is born (which will be yet another journey continued, but we’re keeping our heads high and faith strong).

So FINALLY, it is with great joy and excitement that we announce will be welcoming our first child in April 2017.

As we reflect, we realize ours is a rather happy story (knock on wood), beginning with a serious concern and transitioning into a cause for celebration, and although we are extremely grateful for the turn of events, we’ve in-turn become more sensitive to the fact that there are so many in this world whose stories aren’t so happy, and who may be silently battling very serious challenges every, single, day. To those who are, please know that we are wishing you the very, very best. Although we’ve only had a glimpse into the tragic possibilities of serious illnesses, please know that we are thinking of you and you are in our prayers every day. You are never alone, and we love you.

We also want to acknowledge our amazing friends and family who have supported us and continue to do so during this journey. We know we have a long road ahead of us, and we humbly ask for continued well wishes and prayers because knowing how deeply you care for us allows us to maintain our faith and deep sense of gratitude. You provide us with such with rich, fulfilling lives and we love you so very much for it.

The strange and beautiful world of Arlow Xan will not slow down. The music will continues as we plan our next wave of projects: a new single, a new music video, and a new album all due throughout 2017.

We thank you again for the continued support, and we’ll see you soon.

P.S. Shout out to the Motor City Steampunk crew for putting us up in a room leading up to our gig, which, in-turn, lead to our family expanding. Half-cyborg baby, anyone? 😉

One thought

  1. A most beautiful, charming, loving, and heartwarming, prelude to your amazing lives adventure. Congratulations and Blessings for the present as well as your continued fortune. and now in cyborg…..

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