A New Chapter

Dear Friends, Family, and Fans,
After a decade of writing, recording, and performing as a band it is with mixed feelings and a bittersweet heart that we announce the end of Arlow Xan. This was not an easy decision, but it has been a looming conversation for some time, and we took great care in reaching it. Please do not be alarmed. It is in the most loving manner that we commit this project to the deep, and this is simply us turning the page to the next adventure.
It’s been 10 years! Our inception of the band was in 2007, sitting in our little townhouse in Newport News, VA. It was meant to be fun and exciting. We knew nothing about gear, or gigs, or flyers, or band tshirts, or websites, or XLR cables, or vocal mics, or mailing lists. We slowly stumbled through early gigs (if you could call them that) and learned along the way. We wrote more songs, and found a sound and a style. We discovered we could share this love for music with whoever was listening, and in doing so, give our lives a richness never felt before. We regret none of it, and we have all of you to thank for the encouragement and support.
We have grown as individuals, as musicians, as artists, and this move simply felt right. We have desires of creativity that have out grown this band. So as we set our eyes to the horizon before us we are inspired by what we cannot see, but what we know is there.
We invite you to be with us at our last two performances as a band.
1. Friday, Oct 6th at Churchills in Flint we will be opening the night for three other amazing bands, Curse of Cassandra from Dayton, Lorelei Dreaming from Chicago, & Boudoir Noir from Flint. Please come out and support us and the other bands. It’s bound to be a glorious night. Music starts at 10pm.
2. Friday, Oct 13th at Totem Books in Flint. We will be premiering our music video for our song “Nesting”. This will be our final performance, and our final punctuation to this chapter of our lives.


“This is not an end. This is a point of departure. Where are you headed? What will you do? You are not alone.” (Laurie Brown, The Signal)
With Love,
Alan and Alexandria Harris


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