Nesting: An Open Letter to our Daughter

To Our Lovely Daughter,

The release of this song and accompanying video is the last act your Mother and Father are performing as the band, Arlow Xan. Let us make one thing simple and clear: Your being born had nothing to do with us making the decision to end Arlow Xan. The feelings toward this conclusion came about long before you arrived, and our love for you will never rely on the success or failure of any musical project to which we endeavor. But music is not a hobby for us. It is our lives’ work. It is in the cracks of our hands, and in our blood. This song “Nesting”, being prophetic as it is, and this beautiful video, featuring you still in the womb, is our message to you. And that message is this:

We will love you unconditionally. No sickness, aptitude test, or criticism will change that. No points scored or artistic ability will change that. No status in career, relationship, or personal philosophy will change that. We won’t shy away from the difficult conversations when they’re needed, and we won’t conceal our love for you. We cannot promise to always be there to protect you, and you alone must forge your path, but we will be waiting in the wings with a first aid kit and open arms when you need us.

“As you go through life they may be unkind. I won’t always be there by your side” -Hayden

“Our children are the messages we send to a future we will never see.” -Elijah Cummins

We apologize for this world. You were born into a messy, complicated, volatile civilization. Fragile at times, and overwhelming almost always. We bring our own burdens from the past and expect you to understand, adapt, and flourish in spite of them. But I promise for every thorn bush, bee sting, and nightmare there will be trees to climb, animals to love, and warmth from our embraces.

Parenthood is inherently a melancholy act. We are taking a part of us, raising it, and sending it away. Because we are not raising a child, but the adult you will become, we know you have to leave us. And this is where “Nesting” fits. It may seem like a gloomy, pessimistic outlook, but it is the purest form of trust, respect, love, and honor we can bestow. We say to you with primal hesitation to leave the nest and find something. When you need us you know where we’ll be.

But in the meantime we welcome you, our sweet Daughter, to this Universe. Please take your place among us, and enjoy the station no other human on Earth holds: our child.

With Love,

Mom & Dad


Now please enjoy the song and music video to “Nesting”. A huge thank you to Natasha & Kevin of Gold House Media who worked tirelessly on this, and whose vision and commitment to our artistic integrity has been one of our greatest collaborations to date.

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