Arlow Xan is an ethereal folk-electronica band out of Michigan. They fuse electronic elements with folk instruments to create a sound that will transport you to their strange and beautiful world.

Arlow Xan is:
Al Harris – Banjo, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals, Electronics
Ali Harris – Vocals, Vocal Loops, MicroKorg, Electronics

“We love writing, performing, and conceptualizing our music around the philosophy of exploring the dark and beautiful corners of the world and of our minds. And with that we’ve created Arlow Xan. Arlow Xan is a world, and an idea, and a way to reveal nature and technology interacting. Sometimes in harmony, other times in dissonance, Arlow Xan is our way of chronicling this interaction. We encourage you to explore and immerse yourself into it. Enjoy.”     -A&A

Contact for Arlow Xan: arlowxan@gmail.com



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